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Chickens for Sale

Prices for Novo Brown, RIR and Rhode-Rock Point of Lay Pullets Each - Until End of September 2018

Please phone before visiting if you wish to purchase chickens.

  • 19 week old "Novo Brown": NOW (1400 available).
  • See table below for prices.

    Novo Brown are a commercial hybrid very similar to Warrens. They have been specially bred to have optimum egg production and be calm good natured birds which are well suited to all production systems.

    Commercial hybrids have a complex selective breeding which has been perfected over many generations to produce specific grandparent and parent stock which are then used to produce the final laying birds.

    Novo Brown start laying at about 20 - 24 weeks old and will lay eggs for about 14 - 20 months. They usually have a rest, called a moult, during their second winter for about 2 - 3 months. They will lay an egg each day once they start, occasionally they will miss a day. As they get older they will start to lay less. Commercially they can lay up to 330 eggs per year. In back gardens this varies but is usually over 300.

  • 21 week old "Rhode Rock Hybrids": All sold(). - £9.90 each. 12+ £7.90 each
  • Rhode Rock

    Rhode-Rock Hybrids are predmominantly black with blue fluorescence and golden brown lacing to the neck/body. Rhode Island Red Hybrids are deep brown in colour. The RIR, Barred plymouth Rock and Rhode-Rock lay brown eggs all year round (300+).

    The Novo Brown, Rhode-Rock, Bared Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red Pullets have a calm nature and have been reared together in the same flock from chicks. They see each other as equals and get along fine mixed together.

  • 20 week Rhode Island Red: All Sold. - £9.90 each.
  • 19 week Araucana - Lavender (Tailed Blue/Grey birds, blue/green eggs): All sold. - £9.90 each.
  • 24 week Bared Plymouth Rock: All sold. - £9.90 each.
Qty NovoBrown. Age (Weeks).
16 17 18 19 20 21 22+
0 - 4 £7.90 £8.10
5 - 11 £7.50 £7.70
12 - 19 £6.75 £6.95 £7.10 £7.25 £7.40 £7.50
20 - 39 £6.00 £6.20 £6.35 £6.50 £6.65 £6.75
40 - 99 £5.50 £5.70 £5.85 £6.00 £6.15 £6.25
100+ £4.90 £5.10 £5.20 £5.30 £5.40 £5.50 £5.60

Last updated 9.43 am 22nd June 2018.

There are Hightened bio-security measures in place at Sycamore Farm when collecting birds. No one will be allowed beyond the gate adjacent to the shop leading to the poultry site. If you are bringing your own crates plesase make sure they have been cleaned and disinfected. Only bring cardboard boxes that haven't previously been used near poultry. New cardboard boxes are available.

The shop is open as normal.


Delivery may be available on orders over 20 to the following areas, please enquire:

  • North Wales - 27th June 2018
  • Chester Area - 27th June 2018
  • Staffordshire -
  • Shropshire -
  • Derbyshire -
  • (Delivery charges apply depending on quantity and distance - Minimum £15. Delivery dates outside Cheshire are finalised once a total of 150 birds or more have been ordered on any particular rout).

    Transport Boxes

    We can supply cardboard carrying boxes:

    Live Bird Box

    Box for up to 3 chickens (shown above): £1.70 each
    Box for up to 6 chickens (30 doz egg box): £1.90 each

    Live Bird Boxes Flat

    25 boxes for up to 3 chickens, flat: £22.50 (£27.00 inc VAT)

    If you are bringing your own crates/boxes allow 3 birds per square foot for transporting. Cut plenty of air holes in cardboard boxes.