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Hatching and Brooding Accessories

Chicktec Incubator Thermometer

chicktec digutal incubator thermometer
  • Digital - includes battery
  • 50cm temperature probe
  • °F or °C

£9.96 inc VAT

Candling Lamps

candling lamp

Powerlux High Intensity LED Candling Lamp

Mains or AA batteries - batteries not included

£27.15 (£32.58 inc VAT)

Super Flash Candling Lamp

Mains powered 240v 15w

£11.98 (£14.37 inc VAT)

Heat Lamps and Bulbs

Professional Wide Rimmed Heat Lamp
(bulb not included)

  • heat lamp
  • heat lamp

£17.70 (£21.24 inc VAT)

Infrared Bulb

heat lamp bulb

150W or 250W

£5.50 (£6.60 inc VAT)

Dull Emitter

dull emitter


£11.90 (£14.28 inc VAT)