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Poultry Disinfectant and Egg Wash

Viratec-P Poultry Disinfectant - 500g

Viracur Poultry Disinfectant - 1kg

Nettex Viratec-P poultry disinfectant

Viratec-P £13.70 (£16.44 inc VAT)

Viracur £15.90 (£19.08 inc VAT)

Viratec-P / Viracur Poultry Disinfectant is UK DEFRA approved against all notifiable poultry diseases for use on housing, arks and poultry equipment. Effective on porous surfaces, hard water and in the presence of organic matter.

Powerful and fast working, Viratec-P will kill bacteria within 5 minutes. It has an exceptional safety profile towards man and animals in use and is environmentally safe on correct disposal.

500g will make 50 litres of solution.

Nettex Steriliser - Poultry 4 in 1 Disinfectant - 500ml

Nettex Steriliser and Egg Wash

£3.43 (£4.12 inc VAT)

Ideal for cleaning all poultry equipment including feeders, drinkers, incubators and brooding equipment.

  • Poultry 4 in 1 disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses associated with poultry disease
  • For best poultry hygiene practice, drinkers and feeders should be cleaned and disinfected
  • There is no need to rinse Poultry 4 in 1.

Chicktec Liquid Egg Wash Concentrate - 5ltr

Chicktec Liquid Egg Wash 5ltr

£14.50 (£17.40 inc VAT)

Use just 10ml of Egg Wash for every 2 litres of water.

Smite Kokzi Des Ready to Use - 750ml

Smite KOKZI Des Ready to Use 750ml

£5.32 (£6.38 inc VAT)

Exceedingly effective disinfectant cleaner. Removes organic matter, waxy deposits and micro-organisms.

Ground Sanitiser

Nettex Ground Sanitising Powder

Nettex ground sanitising powder 500g

For use in coops and runs to significantly reduce worm egg numbers

500g (treats 25m²) £3.38 (£4.05 inc VAT)
2kg (treats 100m²) £12.50 (£15.00 inc VAT)
5kg (treats 250m²) £22.60 (£27.12 inc VAT)

Ground Sanitising Powder is sprinkled on faeces and ground to eliminate all stages of parasitic worm eggs and larvae. The opportunity for re-infection is greatly reduced as birds will ingest fewer eggs or larvae resulting in lower worm populations in the bird's guts.

How to use:

Apply liberally where faeces and organic matter are prevalent. Shake powder over run and inside housing and nesting boxes ensuring a light coating is visible. No need to remove bedding.

Apply weekly to heavily soiled areas. Apply to ground surrounding coops and in runs when flocks are renewed.

Agrisec 250 Ground Sanitiser

Agrisec 250 Ground Sanitiser 5kg
2kg £6.90 (£8.28 inc VAT)
5kg £13.90 (£16.68 inc VAT)

A highly absorbent ground sanitizer powder with DEFRA approved disinfectant. Neutralizes odours and leaves a pleasant smell.