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Poultry Drinkers

1ltr - 12ltr Drinkers

BEC Chick/Bantam Drinkers

bec bantam chick drinkers
1 ltr £2.43 (£2.92 inc VAT)
1.5 ltr £2.42 (£2.90 inc VAT)
3 ltr £2.62 (£3.14 inc VAT)

These drinkers are ideal for chicks from day old. They have a narrow trough that will prevent chicks from drowning. The 1 litre is suitable for up to 16 chicks where space in the brooding area is limited. The 1.5 litre is suitable for up to 25 chicks and the 3 litre up to 50. When chicks reach 1 week old they will need more or larger drinkers.

These drinkers are not adequate for mature poultry because of the narrow trough. The 3 litre has a slightly wider trough and would be suitable for bantams or birds of a similar size.

Eton Twistlock Drinkers

  • eton 1.5 litre twistlock drinker
  • eton 3 litre twistlock drinker
1.5 ltr £2.39 (£2.87 inc VAT)
3 ltr £3.55 (£4.26 inc VAT)

The Eton Twistlocks are budget drinkers with a small footprint. They are ideal for young poultry from 1 week onwards. The 3 litre hangs reasonably well but the 1.5 litre is better placed on something when more height is needed. They can be used for 2 to 4 mature birds where space is at a premium.

Eton Orange and White Ball Drinker - 1.3ltr

Eton Orange and White 1.3 litre ball drinker

£1.25 (£1.50 inc VAT)

A robust little drinker ideal for young poultry from 1 week onwards.

Eton Trent Drinker - 6ltr

Eton 6 litre Trent drinker

£14.90 (£17.88 inc VAT)

  • Robust plastic drinker
  • Traditional cylinder design
  • Easy to clean
  • Hang or stand

The Trent is our most popular drinker. It is similar to the traditional galvanised drinker. It is very easy to fill - just lift off the top, fill and replace top - no need to turn upside down. A light twist will lock on the top allowing it to be carried or hung. Suitable for 3 to 12 hens.

Combo Drinkers

Combo drinkers
6 ltr £6.57 (£7.88 inc VAT)
12 ltr £10.90 (£13.08 inc VAT)
  • All Combo drinkers can be hung.
  • 6 and 12 litre have legs included.
  • Robust plastic drinker.
  • Easy to clean.

Galvanized Drinkers

  • Eton galvanized 0.5 gallon drinker
  • Eton galvanized 2 gallon drinker
0.5 gal hot dip galvanised out of stock. Only available as pre galvanised £18.14 (£21.77 inc VAT)
10 Ltr £40
  • 10 Ltr only:-
  • Hot dip galvanised traditional drinker
  • Double skin
  • Very robust
  • 10 year guaratee
  • Top fill

Tripod Drinkers

ETON Tripod Drinker Blue and White - 20ltr/30ltr

Eton Tripod Drinker 30 ltr

£22.95 (£27.54 inc VAT)

A robust, durable top-fill hopper on a very sturdy plastic tripod base and bowl with an easy to operate durable valve - no key to loose.

Suitable for all mature chickens, ducks, game birds and turkeys. For up to 50 chickens but often used for smaller flocks where the water needs to last longer between fillings.

Can be filled with hose pipe without having to remove from stand.

Wathermaster 2E

Watermaster 2E automatic drinker

£12.98 (£15.58 inc VAT)

saddle clamp for watermaster 2E

Automatic drinker complete with hanging cord, tubing and saddle connector to water pipe. Tank and white pipe not included.

Spares Available

Watermaster 2E spares

Tanks - 18ltr

Header Tank

18 Ltr Header Tank

£19.00 (£22.80 inc VAT)

18 litre header tank for use with Watermaster 2E, complete with lid, ball valve and 15 mm outlet.

Spares, fittings and 15mm pipe suitable for saddle clamps available.

Tandem Tank

18 Ltr Header Tank

£14.00 (£16.80 inc VAT)

18 litre tandem tank for extra storage capacity, complete with lid, 15 mm outlet and inlet.

Tank with Lid

tank with lid

£12.00 (£14.00 inc VAT)

Professional Hose and Fittings

30m professional hose

Heavy duty kink resistant hose

15m hose £8.25 (£9.90 inc VAT)
30m hose £15.75 (£18.90 inc VAT)
Tap connector Tap connector 75p (90p inc VAT)
Tap connector with ½" adapter Tap connector with half inch adapter £1.25 (£1.50 inc VAT)
Female hose connector Female hose connector £1.25 (£1.50 inc VAT)
House coupling House coupling £1.17 (£1.40 inc VAT)
Tank connector 15mm Tank connector 15mm £2.90 (£3.48 inc VAT)
Insert for plastic pipe Insert for plastic pipe 42p (50p inc VAT)

White pipe (1 meter)

white pipe connected to tank

15mm heavy duty plastic water pipe suitable for saddle clamps

£1.40 (£1.68 inc VAT)

Cistern Valve and Float

cistern valve and ball float
Cistern valve £5.00 (£6.00 inc VAT)
Float £1.00 (£1.20 inc VAT)

Drinker Heaters

Beat the Cold

poultery drinker heaters
20cm £19.80 (inc VAT)
30cm £28.80 (inc VAT)
  • Avoid frozen drinkers
  • Safe low voltage via plug in adapter (24 VDC, only 12 watt)
  • Adjustable brackets to fit any drinker
  • 2.2m cable
  • Drinkers not included